Kaafi Specialty Coffee

was born out of a pure passion for the best coffee, and is the culmination of years of research, planning, and hard work.  We now bring our take on Specialty Coffee to our fans, our customers, to the city of the Hague.

Situated in the heart of the International City of Peace and Justice, our crown-jewel Prinsestraat (literally translates to “Princes Street”) location was designed with a simple enough question in mind, “what is the perfect coffee shop?”

It is a place for great coffee, yes. But it is first a place for great conversation; a place for ideas; a place for discourse; a place to sit back and catch up; a place to plug-in and be productive; a place to get away and do nothing; a place to experience great flavour in both food and drink. This is why we designed Kaafi. Because we understand the power of such a place.

Coffee is supposed to be an adventure. But an adventure is only so, if you have a place to call home…

From bean to cup, it is not difficult to see how the coffee you drink could have travelled all over the world before reaching you – between the farmer, the roaster, and the café where it is brewed. There is indeed something quite special about the universal nature of the coffee ritual, something distant parts of the world could come together on. We wanted our brand to carry the spirit of this universality, and came up with the word “Kaafi” as a tribute to the many different (and yet etymologically similar) ways of saying “coffee” all over the world!

Our Prinsestraat location is a Multi-Roaster Specialty Coffee Shop. This means that our wide range of coffee offerings are ever-changing according to seasonality and what we think will excite you. We only serve you the highest grade of coffees from the most caring and sustainable farms all over the world, roasted by the specialty coffee industry’s leading roasters spread across the globe.

Coffee is supposed to be an adventure. But an adventure is only so, if you have a place to call home. For this reason, we also have one espresso “House Blend” on bar at all times (Red Brick Espresso by Square Mile Coffee, London), for when all you crave is the highest quality of comfort and familiarity.